Eckler’s presents the Northeast Georgia Swap Meet this Saturday, September 1 at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA.

Eckler’s presents the Northeast Georgia Swap Meet this Saturday, September 1 at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA.

Priority Vendor set-up is 6-7am, and is just $30 for all the space you want.

Vendor general admission is 7am, and is $20 for all the space you want.

Spectator entry is $6.
Vendor entry includes driver and ONE helper.

“Cuttin’ this one kinda close, aren’t you, Brad?”
Yeah. I’ve always said I’m “deadline-oriented.” The Ex called it “Crisis-Oriented.” I planned on having this out on Monday, and here we are finally getting it out.
But on the Plus Side, on Monday the weather forecast was 60-percent chance of thunderstorms Thursday through Sunday, and now I can report the forecast is down to only a 20-percent chance of rain and dropping, so come on out!

Theft Report of Classic Vehicle.
Well, no way to sugar-coat it; this sucks. We went nearly 15 years without any theft issues, and this past year we’ve had vendors report things missing from their spaces (including me losing a pair of Ansen Ford-pattern 15×3.5  5-slots). At the last show, one of our regular spectators walked out to the parking lot to find his white ’64 Chevy long-bed step-side truck wasn’t there anymore. I haven’t heard if it was recovered or not.
Thefts of classic vehicles has always been a problem at big events—we’ve all heard about it for years. Same with parts at swap meets. Once an event gets big, some of the people it attracts are predators. It’s just a fact of life. An unpleasant one, but a fact nonetheless.
So here’s our plan going forward:

It doesn’t cost any more to walk in as a spectator from the parking lot, or drive in as a spectator and park your enthusiast vehicle by the rest of the cool rides. Starting this month, all enthusiasts vehicles MUST park inside the fence, over by the grandstands in our Cruise-In area. It’s going to be a lot more difficult for some scumbag to steal a classic car from inside, then steal it from the spectator parking lot. The big point is, I don’t want this to be a reason people stop driving their vintage vehicles to the show. I vividly remember being a kid and seeing hot rods and classic cars and trucks going down the road, and it’s part of what made me what I am today, and I want to make sure the next generation gets that same influence seeing us drive something cool.
As for the theft from vendors? I haven’t heard of anything for a several months, but we still all need to be vigilant—watch our stuff, watch neighbors’ stuff, and keep an eye on anyone who looks like they’re skulking around.

And to anybody reading this who’s decided to use the NE GA Swap Meet as their free parts depot: If you’re caught stealing at my show, I will make an example of you. And I promise, people will talk about that example for years. Being a thief doesn’t require an IQ test—You people aren’t smart, just lucky. Everyone in prison thinks they were going to get away with it, but there they are. Same with everyone in the hospital between “caught” and “arrested.”

The worst thing in the world you could do, is take that as a challenge. Steal somewhere else. This isn’t an event you want to push your luck.

This Month’s Eckler’s Gift Certificates for Cruise-in Cars
So to re-cap, please keep driving your vintage vehicles to the NE Georgia Swap Meet—and your reward for that will be parking inside the show so you can shuttle purchases to your trunk a lot easier, and a $10 gift certificate from Eckler’s. For those who don’t know, Eckler’s catalogs cover ’49-54 Chevy, Tri-5 Chevy, full-size Chevy into the ‘70s,  all Camaro/F-Body, Corvette, Ford/Mercury from Model T to ‘70s full-size, Ford Trucks and Broncos,  Chevy/GM trucks (up through the ‘90s), Porsche and Mercedes parts; check out for whatever you need.
Stop by the Eckler’s tent for catalogs.

No “For Sale” signs in Cruise-In cars, please.
If you’re selling anything at the swap meet, it’s $20—so please, if you drive in as a spectator and park your vehicle in the Cruise-in area, please don’t put a For Sale sign in the windshield—Everyone else selling at the swap meet paid $20, you need to as well.

Japanese Motorcycle Swap Meet this month… kinda, kinda not.

We’ve been advertising this month would feature a Japanese motorcycle show… unfortunately, the guy I was working with on this fell off a roof and spent some time in the hospital, some more time recovering at home, and we weren’t able to get everything in place.

I’ve advertised it here in the newsletter and on my website for several months, so we’re no doubt going to have some spectators and vendors show up for it.

There’s nothing I dislike more than having disappointed customers… So if you planned on setting up as a vendor, come out anyway. If you’re not happy at the end of the day, find me and I’ll make it right for you.
I’m still committed to doing the vintage motorcycles, so we’re gonna hit it hard next year and make this come together.

Wagons Ho!
It’s a small world. Turns out my banker and her husband are regulars at the swap meet. (She was the source for last month’s story about The Hat Guy…who, incidentally, specifically told me he’ll be back this month.) The last time I was in there, she told me she’s telling her husband they need to get a wagon to bring to the swap meet, because the show is too big to just carry things around: they have to keep making trips back to their car out in the parking lot.
She’s right, ya know. So get a wagon.

October swap moves to Gear Jam Weekend.
So we moved the October Gear Jam to a different weekend from last year, in order to avoid a conflict with the Southern Outlaw Gassers. Moving it forward put it the week right after the October swap meet. Well, after giving it some serious thought, we’ve decided to move the October swap meet back to the second week and combine it with the Gear Jam. We couldn’t move the Gear Jam due to commitments by the track’s staff for that weekend, so we moved the swap meet.
Spaces will be $30 for the weekend.
GSRA will be running the car show again, so we’re expecting a big turnout for the whole event.  Make plans now to attend!

 GSRA Will Be Here This Weekend—Stop By and See Them!

The Georgia Street Rod Association will be onsite this month doing a membership drive. GSRA does a lot of good for our hobby—among other things, being one of the only conduits between us and legislators at the capital… Don’t think that’s all that important? Politicians decide issues like registering homebuilt and kit cars, smog testing vintage cars, titling vintage cars based off the body manufacture date, the body style it’s copied off of, or the year of the engine that powers it, fender laws, etc. etc.
For that reason, I strongly encourage every enthusiast in our state to support the GSRA.
Swing by their tent and sign up with them.

Brad Still has the 460 Ford Engine Project
Block has been hot-tanked, bored .030 by a reputable shop, and new cam bearings, freeze plugs and oil galley plugs installed.
Crank journals only needed polishing, so the crank is standard/standard and ready to drop in.
I THOUGHT the heads were Kasse Super CobraJet heads; they’re actually Ford Motorsports aluminum heads. I’ve been told Kasse designed these for Ford, but I don’t know. They aren’t Kasse’s P51 heads, that I do know, and they have a Ford emblem and part number cast into them.
Either way, they’re in excellent shape, barely used, have valves, and are good pieces.

Polished 2×4 intake, factory oil pan, timing cover. Asking $2550 for the whole thing—you’re basically buying the heads and intake, and getting the block, crank and machine work on them for free.
Give me a call if you want to see it all before the swap meet, otherwise see me Saturday morning.
(706) 424-5035

Lunch Specials At The Snack Shack

Finally!!! This has been a burr under my saddle ever since moving to the Atlanta Dragway. I won’t bore you with all the whys and wherefores, but here’s the deal: there’s finally a manager at the track’s snack shack who understands nobody is going to buy a bottle of water for a buck more than we can buy a whole flat of them at the gas station just up the street, or a burger and fries for the same price as a steak at OutBack.
The new snack shack chief has $1 for a bottle of water, $2 for a soda, and Hot Dog and Chips basket for $5 for us. Stop by, get food and drink, and THANK THEM for getting this missing piece of our puzzle.

JP’s Muscle Car Specials

This month, Johnny has a nice, running 283 engine (side-mounts) pulled from a ’57 Chevy, along with a cast-iron Powerglide to go with it, for $500.

A theft-recovered ’85 Buick Regal body, with no running gear.

An ’80 Olds Delta 88 parts car: it was wrecked in the front, but has a low-mile engine and TH350 trans, and a very nice maroon interior. Johnny will sell parts, or the whole car. Call him with your needs.

And the news acquisition is a ’67 Chevelle station wagon, 400 small block, lowered, Power Steering, Power Disc brakes, Coddington wheels, older paint and interior. $12,500 for a cooler grocery-getter/kid hauler that’s cooler than just about anything you’ll find.

JP’s is also booking project appointments for their service department this Fall and Winter. Restoration work, wiring, driveline swaps, disc brake conversions, overdrive trans installs, A/C installs…  Call for details on how to get your car in line or on the list.

JP’s Muscle Cars is at 113 Hammond Drive in Monroe, GA: Call (770) 207-9570 or visit their website at

Fun At Lamar Walden Automotive
This month Rob freshened another 409—it was a running, driving car, and they freshened it up then stuck it on the dyno… where Rob found a plugged air bleed in one of the carbs. “That engine fought me on the dyno all day!” Rob said. He finally diagnosed the problem (it was breaking up at high RPM) and once he found the issue , it picked up SUBSTANTIALLY on the dyno sheet. He also installed a Holley Sniper EFI system on a Buick 430 (and the owner is just raving about how much better it’s made the car), did a concours resto engine build for a ‘60s Corvette, built a 585-inch mud-race engine, concours-restored three aluminum intake manifolds and a set of valve covers (including welding a crack on an intake and making it invisible), and CNC-ported a couple sets of 409 heads and LS heads.
I’ll be heading down there in the next couple weeks to restore a Corvette intake, and make plans to get a small block freshened for one of my projects.

It’s 50th year in business, Lamar Walden Automotive is in Doraville, Georgia; (770) 449-0315,

Bike Swap Is November
I’m looking forward to the fall Pedal To The Metal bike swap meet in November. This has become one of the cooler “Special” editions of the swap meet—it’s proven very popular with the spectators, and its getting a reputation among vendors as a good show. You guys wouldn’t believe me if I told you how far away some of these vendors are coming from…

Bud’s Garage—the fastest hour in radio!

We’ll be handing out Buds Garage fans for the first 100 through the gate this Saturday.
Topics you’ll hear on your drive home after the swap meet include Chevy’s new Tri Power Engine, Dan Elliott talking about the Hall of Fame induction and Racing Transmissions,  Fall Vehicle checks before football season,  650 hp rental cars (Oh I see BAD things happening with that!!), New windshield technologies  ( Scary stuff ), Chip Foose comes to town, Christmas does too (??) and planning car projects for the winter months.

The Fastest Car-Guy Talk on the Radio! Saturdays, noon-1pm, AM 550/FM 102.9 

Thought for the day
Don’t you hate it when someone answers their own questions? I do.

 Brad: Starter of Projects, Completer Of  None!
I’m more easily distracted then a dog at a squirrel farm. I unquestionably have Automotive ADD.
I’ve slowly come to the realization that I can’t do everything myself, and there’s some things I just need to farm out, in order to make forward progress on them. My ’62 K10 Chevy is just such a project. I’ve collected great, solid, rust-free sheet metal for it, and while it’s choice stuff, it’s still 50 years old so there’s a couple issues here and there. I’ve decided that while I’m working on finishing the Altered at Chuck Keene’s shop, I can drop the sheet metal off piecemeal at NuTech to have it blasted and primed, then carry it to Wes over at W&H Restoration in Jefferson to have him do the little bit of body work needed before the panels are ready for final paint. I’ll stash the panels in storage until I’m ready to switch over to rebuilding the chassis. But between now and the chassis build, I’ll be making forward progress on the project by doing nothing more than taking it to NuTech and then to Wes. This week I gave NuTech the sweetest, cleanest ’60-’62 cab you’ve ever seen… original paint, rock-solid floors and rockers… there’s three dents in the back panel below the window, and it looks like one cab corner needs a little something.

At some point I’ll also start bringing chassis components to NuTech for sand blasting… it’s a Northern truck, so there’s a LOT of rust to knock off those pieces.
NuTech stripped a couple race-prepped/caged Porsches  this month, including the high-grade undercoating off the bottoms, stripped powder-coating off an aluminum intake (we’ve all seen that mistake from the 1980s!), and did several on-sight mold remediations.
Hobby or home, NuTech Soda Blasting has you covered.

…well… “uncovered,” I guess…

NuTech Soda Blasting, Jefferson, Georgia; (706) 367-8107, or check out their website at

Schedule for the year:

September 1: Featuring vintage Japanese motorcycle swap and show.
Eckler’s $10 Gift Certificate for Every Car In the Cruise-In.

Eckler’s $10 Gift Certificate for every CORVETTE in the Cruise-In

October 13-14: Swap Meet and Gear Jam Vintage Drags
November 3 Vintage Bicycles featured with Pedal To The Metal.
December 1

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