Eckler’s presents… NEGSM August 4


Eckler’s presents the Northeast Georgia Swap Meet this Saturday, August 4 at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA.

Priority Vendor set-up is 6-7am, and is just $30 for all the space you want.
Vendor general admission is 7am, and is $20 for all the space you want.
Spectator entry is $6.

Due to Technical Difficulties…
So the space bar on my newish computer has decided to stop working properly. Please ignore the typos that are sure to ensue.
And if we actually getto the end of this without just abruptly stopping because I got frustrated and threw the computer off the roof, we’ll consider that the real victory.

Eckler’s Gift Certificates for Cruise-in Cars
Part of our sponsorship deal with Eckler’s includes $10 gift certificates each month for our cruise-in participants. This month we’re giving a $10 gift certificate to anybody driving any year F-Body from Chevy or Pontiac.
Drive your car into the Cruise-in gate, then present your entry ticket at the Eckler’s Tent and get your gift certificate!
Tell all your F-Body-driving friends!!
For Camaro/F=Body, Corvette, Ford/Mercury, Chevy/GM, Porsche and Mercedes parts, check out

Chuck’s Auction
So it turns out rumor’s of Chuck Keene closing down his Georgia Hot Rods shop might not have been so premature after all. He’s got a bunch of parts, tools, equipment, storage, supplies, and cool car-guy nick-knacks and signs that all gotta go. He’ll be having an auction in September or October, so stay tuned.

October swap moves to Gear Jam Weekend.
So we moved the October Gear Jam to a different weekend from last year, in order to avoid a conflict with the Southern Outlaw Gassers. Moving it forward put it the week right after the October swap meet. Well, after giving it some serious thought, we’ve decided to move the October swap meet back to the second week and combine it with the Gear Jam. We couldn’t move the Gear Jam due to commitments by the track’s staff for that weekend, so we moved the swap meet.
Spaces will be $30 for the weekend.
GSRA will be running the car show again, so we’re expecting a big turnout for the whole event.  Male plans now to attend!

Anybody Looking for a Big Block Ford?
Block has been hot-tanked, bored .030 by a reputable shop, and new cam bearings, freeze plugs and oil galley plugs installed.
Crank journals only needed polishing, and the crank is standard/standard and ready to drop in.
John Kaase Super CobraJet aluminum heads with valves.
Aluminum Ford Motorsports valve covers
Polished 2×4 intake
Long-tube headers with flange on the collectors for cut-outs.
Factory oil pan, timing cover,  stock iron heads and stock rocker arms also included.
Asking $3750 for the whole thing—you’re basically buying the heads, intake and valve covers, and getting the headers, block, crank and machine work on them for free.
Give me a call if you want to see it all before the swap meet, otherwise see me Saturday morning.
(706) 424-5035

JP’s Muscle Car deals
JP’s is putting some bits and pieces on sale this month:  67-69 Camaro bumpers for
Just 100.00 each
Fuel tanks ’67-‘69Camaros for 110.00 each (at that price, I’d replace any original gas tank I had in a non-survivor car… I HATE old gas tanks and all the trouble they cause!)
Fuel tank kits from 189.00

Johnny also bought a really clean 1980 Oldsmobile delta 88 that’s been wrecked in the front , great for parts or someone could repair it. It’s a low, LOW mile original, with a mint interior, and other than the crunched front end, it’d make a very good vintage driver for someone.
(and yes, 1980 is “vintage” at 38 years ago… Welcome to “Old,” population: You.)

JP’s is also booking project appointments for their service department this Fall and Winter. Restoration work, wiring, driveline swaps, whatever. Call for details on how to get your car in line or on the list.

JP’s Muscle Cars is at 113 Hammond Drive in Monroe, GA: Call (770) 207-9570 or visit their website at

Weather? Pfffft….
So here’s the deal with weather: if you want an accurate prediction, rub a lamp and ask the genie that appears.
If you want as close to an accurate guess as there is, look at; I’vefound them to be the closest over the years.
NOW, if there’s rain predicted, you need to worry about it when the prediction hits 80-percent or so. Because here’s the deal: when the weather is bad, I’ve had my biggest sales days. And a lot of other vendors I’ve talked with said the same thing.
So if you’re a vendor, and they’re calling for 90-percent chance of rain or less, you need to plan on being at the swap meet.

Fun At Lamar Walden Automotive
I always love talking to Rob Walden about what’s happening at his shop. Rob had a big month, at the shop and on his own time.
Shop stuff encompassed an LS swap into a ’67 Camar, freshening a 409 race engine, building a 632 cubic inch mud truck engine, dropping a 416-inch stroker into a Gransport, a Duramax build for a square-body pickup truck swap, a 572-inch 409 with a custom intake, a 632-ci PONTIAC drag engine with Butler big-port heads (!), and got Barry Camp’s 409 on the dyno…a 409 that displaces enough cupic inches that it dwarfs the 572-incher, and who’s dyno numbers have four digits and a comma.
Went on Power Tour with his ’60 BelAir powered by 482-inch 409 with a one-off 3×2 intake, backed by a 5-speed, and then cruised up to the 409 Nationals in Bowling Green.
It’s 50th year in business, Lamar Walden Automotive is in Doraville, Georgia; (770) 449-0315,

Bike Swap moves to November
Note to self: tell everyone I listed the fall Pedal To The Metal bike swap meet in the wrong month. It’s November.

Bud’s Garage—the fastest hour in radio!
So, Bud had a little misadventure this past month… seems he was working out in the shop, and had a little vapor-lock issue. Him. Not the car.
Headed to the doctor, and spent a good long time with them under his hood, replumbing some things, and they got him jumped off and running again. He’s still spitting and sputtering a bit, but once the cylinders warm back up a little, he should be firing on all eight again.
Bud & Bernie the Wonder Dog return this Saturday; Bud and the Boys will be talking about Flying Cars, Starting a long term paid for career with a CDL, A remake of the Ford Courier, Making a move with U-Haul, Building a 37 Studebaker truck clone, Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle comes to production and …….  A plethora of informative Automotive Buffoonery
We’ll be handing out Buds Garage fans for the first 100 through the gate this Saturday

The Fastest Car-Guy Talk on the Radio! Saturdays, noon-1pm, AM 550/FM 102.9

Thought for the day
All this talk about self-driving cars… any car is a self-driving car, if you just don’t give a damn.

Stopped up at NuTech this month, and DIDN’T drop any of my stuff to get blasted!
Instead, I dropped off a set of Olds wheels for a guy from the swap meet, because Lanny had a family emergency last month and couldn’t make it, and the fella brought the wheels to drop off at the show. I’m in Jefferson a good bit, so if that ever happens again (you bring something to drop off with NuTech at the swap meet and they aren’t there), let me know and I’ll be happy to drop it off with them in Jefferson for you.
There was a pretty cool extended-cab ’48-’55 Chevy truck cab up there getting blasted, and a Porsche 911 race car with roll cage getting stripped down, including specifically removing the seam sealer. I saw a couple really neat ideas for roll cages on that Porsche, so that alone was worth the trip.
NuTech Soda Blasting, Jefferson, Georgia; (706) 367-8107, or check out their website at

Speaking of missing the swap meet…
We’ve quietly hit a milestone that probably nobody but me would recognize: When regular vendors aren’t at the show, I hear about it from people who were looking for them. NuTech, JPs, and Rob Walden are easy, because they’re sponsors and you read about them here every month.
But just the other day I had someone ask about The Hat Guy—her husband went to the swap meet last month specifically to get some hats, and The Hat Guy wasn’t there. I also hear when the tool guy isn’t there, Turbo The Foam Mat Guy, the truck parts guys, The Carb Guy, and our other regulars.
I’m not saying this just to get you in the gate and make my show better: If you’re a vendor, you HAVE to be at the swap meet every month, because people look for you. Every show, I have people stop me while we’re there, around town between shows (the woman looking for The Hat Guy is my banker), or I get phone calls and emails after the meet asking if I’ve got contact info.
Think about it… you’re losing sales, contacts and possibly future business… you know how people are—they think it over, they decide, then they get it from the first place they go or call; you want to be that stop, or that call. And the way you make that happen, is be at the swap meet every month.

Schedule for the year:

August 4:
September 1: Featuring vintage Japanese motorcycle swap and show.
Eckler’s $10 Gift Certificate for Every Car In the Cruise-In.

Eckler’s $10 Gift Certificate for every CORVETTE in the Cruise-In

October 13-14: Gear Jam Vintage Drags
November 3 Vintage Bicycles featured with Pedal To The Metal.
December 1
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