Cabs on the Way!

Swap Meet Finds!

I was the coolest thing anybody saw going down the road today! Getting ready for the swap meet this weekend: two ’55-’59 Chevy cabs that belong to my buddy (one a big back window) that will be for sale Saturday, and a rust-free cab for my ’62 K10 project on the back of the trailer, getting dropped off at NuTech Soda Blasting tomorrow.

This is the first step in making something happen with that truck. The ONLY thing that cab needs is a couple small dents knocked out of the back, and a passenger-side cab corner. Blast it, prime it, take it to a buddy’s shop and have him put the patch in, then stash it in my storage building and take the next load of rust-free metal to NuTech. Wash, rinse, repeat until all the sheetmetal is ready for final paint.

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