The Eckler’s NE GA Swap Meet is Saturday, July 6th at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA.

The Eckler’s NE GA Swap Meet is Saturday, July 6 at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA!

Priority gate opens from 6-7am and is $30 for all the space you want; Vendor General Admission is from 7am and is $20 for all the space you want, spectator admission is just $6.

Vendors get one helper in for free (because lifting engine blocks and transmissions alone sucks).

There’s no addition charge to park your vintage or enthusiast vehicle in the cruise-in area behind the grandstands, but we ask that you don’t put For Sale signs in the windows—everything for sale is on the aisles and is $30 or $20 to sell.

Gonna be hot, but DRY! So come on out!  Forecast is calling for 0-percent chance of rain, and a high of 88 degrees. (The thermometer in the Magnum said the it was 106 the other day when I was replacing the cap, rotor and coils on the dually out in the driveway, so 88 is going to be downright chilly comparatively.)

Even though we’ll be in the throws of a cold snap, you should probably still take some precautions—we had a couple people drop over from heat last year, including one vendor who passed out in his car between “Park” and “Drive,” stopping at “Reverse” and ending up as a two-car insurance seminar in the vendor rows.

Wear light-colored t-shirts, wear a hat (I don’t wear that wide-brim white cowboy hat because I look freakin’ awesome in it… I mean, yeah, I look freakin’ awesome in it, but it also keeps my ears from turning to charcoal and keeps my brain from baking), sandals keep your feet cool (which helps keep your whole body cool), and drink lots of water. For the summer shows I keep a bottle in each front pocket and one in my hand the whole time I’m walking the aisles. If you start to get overheated, hit the bathrooms and run cold water over your wrists—it’s an artery, and will cool your blood just like a radiator.

It’s also a great idea to bring a wagon to haul your loot. Carrying things works up a sweat, and then there’s the “Guys are stupid” factor: If we’re carrying parts, we won’t stop and set them down to catch our breath or take a rest, we’ll plow through to get back to the car. If you’ve got a wagon, it’s not only easier on you, but you’ll stop to take a rest when you need to.

Hot Rod Storage

If you’re looking for a nice spot for indoor storage of your hot rod, my buddy Chuck Keene has just what you’re looking for: large building with gated driveway, alarm, restroom with hot water, and outlets for battery tenders. It’s located in Jefferson, in a secluded neighborhood, and is nearly invisible from the street.

Chuck closed his Georgia Hot Rods shop a couple months back, and now has an empty building perfectly suited to store hot rods.

No more heavy work is being done in the building, so there’s no messy welding, grinding or fab work to generate dust and grime.

Available for temporary and long term storage, your car cover and insurance required. He’ll also store For Sale cars and will have them viewed by appointment approved by the owner.

Call 678-227-2857 to get your spot.

Eckler’s $10 Gift Certificate Give-Away!

Everyone driving a vintage or enthusiast Chevy (or GMC truck!) into the Cruise-in gets a $10 Eckler’s Gift Certificate this month.

If it’s not a Chevy or GMC, park your enthusiast vehicle inside the Cruise-in anyway—I see stragglers in the spectator parking lot every month, and they should be getting parked inside.

Brad’s Junque

I thrashed last month and got my Altered allllllmost finished. Got it finished enough to roll it to the Atlanta Motorama to display it for promoting The Gear Jam that go rained out… and somehow managed to take home one of the show car trophies!

Since then I’ve been working on the plumbing, and have been burning up the road to Maysville to pick up braided line and fittings at RacePart Solutions. I’ve known those guys for a few years, and… well… honestly, I forgot they were so close during the build of the Altered, otherwise I’d have bought a bunch more stuff from them. I’ve made eleventeen trips there so far for the cooling system lines and fittings… and have one more trip to make for the final fitting. (then I start the fuel and brake lines!)

They’ve got a GREAT catalog of parts-fittings, billet pieces, tubing, braided line, brackets, clamps, heim ends, on and on, and they’re one of the best-kept secrets in the area. They’re only about 10 minutes from the track, so give them a call and see if they’ve got what you need to complete your race car, hot rod or turbo project.

(561) 375-6277.

Gear Jam Rain-Date

The Gear Jam has been rescheduled to July 20-21. All pre-registration will be honored, and the pre-registration is still open at Pre-reg saves you a few bucks on racer entry, swap meet spaces and spaces on the midway. We’ve also got Gear Jam T-shirts available on the site as well—all the cool kids will be wearing them!

The car show is open to all makes and all models, so tell your friends!

We are also having a limited-entry bracket race: 32 door cars, 32 dragsters. These are all-makes and models, and are pre-registered only. Call for entry questions. (706) 424-5035

JP’s Muscle Cars—knocking out summer projects! 

JP’s is working on customer projects, from full builds to updating existing rides. This month they put a Classic Auto Air kit, Dakota RDX instruments, dual cooling fans, brake upgrade and 20-inch wheels on a 454-powered ’70 C10 Short box that’ll be for sale soon, and are finishing up a ’71 Blazer LS3 swap with Pypes stainless exhaust.

They’re working on a black/red interior ’66 Impala 427/4-speed car that sounds realllly nice (I’d love to see it at the Gear Jam car show!).

Johnny is also thinning his own project herd, taking offers on a ’72 GMC Longhorn, a ’65 Chevelle wagon, and a ’64 GMC wrecker.

JP’s Muscle Cars is at 113 Hammond Drive in Monroe, GA: Call (770) 207-9570 or visit their website at

2019 Dates

June 1st

July 6th

July 20-21 Gear Jam Vintage Drags, Car Show and Swap Meet

Aug 3rd

Aug 31-Sept 2 Swap/ Gear Jam

Oct 5th Featuring Pedal To The Metal vintage bicycle swap

Nov 2nd

Dec 7th


Big Doin’s at NuTech! 

NuTech is now the full-blown manufacturer of portable soda blasting equipment, and the national (and international!) distributor for blasting soda (with soda going to Japan, and equipment going to Dubai and Japan).

This deal has been a long time in the making, and we’re damn happy for the guys!

They’re still doing local blasting, both at their shop and on-site; they’ll be blasting the caboose that’s on display in Auburn, and this month they knocked out everything from aluminum motorcycle wheels to a ’65 Mustang with about 15 coats of paint, a couple early Bronco chassis, to vintage curtain rods and fixtures for someone’s house restoration.

If I haven’t dropped it off on Friday, I’ll be swinging by on Monday with a roll bar pulled off of a junkyard ’76 Power Wagon to be blasted and installed in the bed of my son’s ’76 Power Wagon.

If you have anything small(ish) that you want to drop off with them, they’re planning on being at the swap meet this Saturday and will take it back to the shop with them, saving you a trip.

NuTech Soda Blasting, Jefferson, Georgia; (706) 367-8107, or check out their website at


Tip from your ol’ Uncle Brad

If your wife or girlfriend asks if you know what her favorite flower is, don’t say “Gold Medal.” (read that out loud if you didn’t catch it on the first turn of the key)

Resto, Driver’s and Power at Lamar Walden Automotive

It’s always fun talking to Rob every month for the news letter.

“What’d you work on this month, besides race the Willy’s gasser?”

Wellll….. I dunno…

“Okay, let’s do it this way; Did you restore any aluminum?”

Yeah, we did a couple intakes—one Winters big block intake, and a 409.

“Do any engine builds?”

Yeah, we build a 383 and dropped it in a ’69 Camaro, did a 402 LS in a ’07 Vette that made 540 horse power at the tires through an automatic trans…

“Any transmission stuff?”

We put a 700r4 in that 383-powered ’54 Pick-up we did a few months ago, and we’ve got a CTS-V that’s going to get a motor, trans and rear end…

“Any off-brand or vintage stuff?”

Yeah, we’re doing a set of heads for a 371 Olds and will be doing the short block for it… it’s a Barrett Jackson car that sounded like it was about to sling a rod…

Pretty much business as usual at LWA: cool stuff everywhere you look.

It’s 50th year in business, Lamar Walden Automotive is in Doraville, Georgia; (770) 449-0315,


Bud’s Garage–The best hour on the radio! 

Some interesting topics coming up on the next episodes of Bud’s Garage!

  • 10 best new cars under 20k
  • Dustless media blasting
  • Colorworks custom paint and restorations


How hot is it in your car (I remember my grandpa putting a thermometer in his ’78 Olds Delta 88 one summer when I was working on the farm, and it hit 140 degrees)

Cooling systems and batteries affected by the heat (being a Yankee, I was surprised to learn the heat kills batteries, because our batteries always die in the winter!)

Motor oil types (This has gotten a lottttt more complicated over the years!)

10 things not to do while driving ( Only 10?? I can think of dozens )

I have GOT to start listening to their podcasts, to catch up on the programs—I’m either driving to lunch or running into stores when they’re on, and find myself missing big parts of the too-short program.


Truly, it’s The Fastest Car-Guy Talk on the Radio! Saturdays, noon-1pm, AM 550/FM 102.9 

Swap Meet Coordinator