Hot Dog the weather looks like it’s gonna cooperate Again!!! Saturday, February 2 for the NE GA Swap Meet!

Priority Vendor Set-up is 6-7am, and is just $30 for all the space you want.

Vendor general admission is 7am, and is $20 for all the space you want.

Spectator entry is just Six Bucks.

Everyone who drives an enthusiast vehicle into the show this month gets an Eckler’s $10 Gift Certificate.

Sunny, But Maybe a Little Chilly.

It’s going to be dry, it’s going to be sunny, and it’s going to be between 40-60 degrees. Probably a little colder before the sun clears the horizon.

It’s winter. Don’t whine. Put you big-boy underwear on, a heavy jacket, something over your ears, and come out. If you vendors don’t have one yet, grab one of those propane tank heaters. I’ve seen them at the winter swap meets for years, and I’m FINALLY going to remember to put mine, along with a spare tank, on the trailer. If I was really smart, I’d get three sides for my pop-up canopy tent and heat the “room” with the propane heater. Sadly, I’m not that smart, and I’m sure I’ll hear my dad’s voice the whole day, just like I did in the winter when I was a kid, yelling at me about “heating the whole outside standing there with the door open!”

(Pro-Tip for propane tank transport: Stand them up in a plastic milk crate. They transport perfectly and will never tip over.)

Club Days Each Month
If you’re a member of a club, have I got a deal for you!

Eckler’s is giving $10 gift certificates to cruise-in participants every month, that align with their catalog offerings. Fords one month, Chevy’s one month, Trucks one month, Everything one month, wash, rinse, repeat for the whole year.
We’ve posted the gift certificate schedule on our website ( and in our advertising. Find a month the gift certificate matches your club, call me up to get on the schedule, and we’ll let all your club members in free that month, as vendors and spectators. We’ll also set your club up in the middle of the vendor field so you can all hang out together during the show.

This isn’t a First Come/First Served deal—if we get a bunch of clubs wanting the same Saturday, then we’ll let in a bunch of clubs at the swap meet on the same Saturday. The more the better, as far as I’m concerned!

And by letting me know as far ahead of time as possible, I’ll advertise that your club will be there, and vendors will bring parts to cater to you… for instance, if we get the Georgia C10 club to come out again, I’ll advertise it, and our truck-parts vendors will make a point of coming that month. If one of the Ford clubs come out, I’m sure Ford vendors will make it a priority to be there for you.

This is one of the things that’ll grow the show, but I need your help to do it! It’s good for the show, and it’s a great deal for all of your car clubs.

(And a specific word to Mopar enthusiasts, or any other brand that isn’t directly covered by the Eckler’s offerings: Call me ahead of time, and we’ll get some “generic” Eckler’s gift certificates printed up for you too—there’s something in their catalogs you can use, whether it’s tools, sound deadener, tires, whatever. We’ll hook ya up.)

JP’s Muscle Cars—Get Your Appointment Quick!
JP’s is doubling down on customer builds, and they’re booked deep into February, so if you have something you need done before the Cruisin’ Season starts, don’t dawdle or it’ll be the end of August before you get your A/C installed.

In the last several weeks they’ve swapped a 500hp LS3 into a ‘65 Impala SS, dropped a crate 350 into a ’57 Bel Air convertible, installed an LSX into a ’69 Camaro “with a lot of goodies,” and possibly my favorite on the list, restored a ’55 M38 Jeep restored to Marine specs!

Besides full restos and driveline swaps, they do a lot of Vintage Air and Classic Auto Air swaps, American Autowire update kit installations and brake conversions. Johnny told me to throw out the Welcome Matt for everyone here, and said he’s happy to have people come by, check out their work and talk over your needs.

NuTech got bypassed for Christmas!

Hey Lanny, how’s it going?
“Well…. Kinda…. Rough….. I…. just…. Got… Home…. From… the hospital….”

Wow. You sound like they gave you some pretty good drugs? You okay?
“I am now…”

Lanny got to spend the holidays getting triple-bypass after his Nitro stopped firing the cylinders! They cracked him from gizzard to gullet, installed some new lines, and he was definitely feeling it when I called.

Well, thanks to the miracle of modern pain killers, sorta feeling it.

The shop was closed over the holiday, but they’re open again. Lanny is taking things slow, but the guys are there knocking out jobs (including a pair of doors for my ’62 K10, to go with all the other sheet metal they’ve blasted and primed for this project). Swing by the shop in Jefferson and drop off what you need blasted, or bring it up to the swap meet this Saturday and make the hand-off.

Medical insurance and deductibles not being what they were just a few years ago, I’m sure a little bump in work volume would be appreciated right now, so if you have some things you need blasted, and just haven’t made it a priority to get them dropped off, take the time and make the effort to drop them off at NuTech now.

NuTech Refinishing, 1375 Washington St., Jefferson, Ga. (706) 708-1569

Been busy down at Lamar Walden Automotive this month!

Rob’s recreation of his dad’s ’33 Willys gasser is coming along well—he’s expecting it back from the chassis shop in the next week or two, and he’s been working on a 409 for it, based off a ’62 block that had some issues making it unsuitable for a restoration: a little Rock Block, some extra cubic inches, a good set of heads and one of their 2×4 intake manifolds should make the car a real surprise for the competition in heads-up gasser racing this year!

They also finished up a 477-cubic inch big block for another gasser, a 482-inch 409 with aluminum heads before the holiday, a Z-11 427-inch 409 came off the dyno and went back home to Texas, a 383 Chevy went into someone’s truck locally, and a 327 was given the concours-treatement for a Corvette restoration.

The two real interesting projects were working on a 572-cubic inch 409 race motor, and then they went the other way and de-stroked a Duramax or a turbo-charged pull truck.

When they weren’t building engines, a Z06 Corvette picked up an extra 100hp for 650 at the tires with heads, an exhaust, pulleys and some other black magic, and a Pro-Charger went onto an LS3 in a Corvette that’s going to get strapped to the chassis dyno today or tomorrow.

Rob also said they restored a couple aluminum intake manifolds and a set of valve covers too.

Lamar Walden Automotive looks to be picking up speed in its 50th year! (770) 449-0315, 6B Steve Dr. Doraville, Ga 30340

Bud’s Garage—Real Car Guy Radio, For and By Real Car Guys!

My shop situation is still all screwed up, and besides missing having all my stuff in one spot to work on it, one of the other things I miss is being out there on a Saturday afternoon between 12-1pm listening to Bud’s Garage on AM550 or 102.9. (I prefer AM in the shop… there’s just something “right” about listening to an AM radio while working on vintage vehicles, isn’t there?)

This month they’ll be talking about storing your car for the winter, new vehicle tech and what old tech it’s replacing (and on a related note, automotive innovations that never caught on), ceramic coating for your PAINT (!), Atlanta Motor Speedway president Ed Clark makes predictions for 2019, Ford’s new 7.3 pushrod gas engine (Back to the Future!), affordable full-size trucks (apparently dealers have too many on the lots), 40 ways we’re killing our vehicles (I can add a LOT to that list…), and the guys ponder the big questions like “Should autonomous vehicles have to pass a driving test?” (OR “40 ways our vehicles could be killing us!”)
Saturdays, 12-1pm, on AM 550 and 102.9.

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